Send and receive bulk SMS messages at your convenience. Plan, schedule and automate future campaigns with your audience and collect feedback.

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Keep your customers by keeping regular communication with them through our SMS solutions

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Bulk SMS

Send a message to all your customers in one click and get an acknowledgment of receipt for each recipient


Two-way SMS

Open a two-way communication line with your users. Share information and collect their feedback.

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Premium SMS

Generate revenue by delivering entertainment messages to your users, either on demand or by subscription.


Use cases

Whether you’re looking to send notifications to your users or open an interactive session with them, our SMS products give you the flexibility you need to use the right solution.

Notification Services

Add instant notifications to your applications to inform your customers when important events are generated. Example scenarios include financial transactions, reminders, or sharing updates with your users.

Two-factor authentication

Secure your mobile and web applications by sending authentication tokens via SMS. This has proven to be a useful and vital tool for verifying users of your service.

Collect feedback

An effective way to conduct surveys is to use SMS. Send questions to your users and give them the platform to answer and provide helpful feedback or information that you can use to make informed decisions.

Delivery reports

We process and share delivery notifications we receive from carriers to your apps for all SMS messages sent using our service.

Message Queue

Our gateways are capable of handling thousands of simultaneous message requests at any given time, ensuring reliable delivery.

Real-time analytics

Using our dashboard, you can monitor SMS activity, and delivery rates, and troubleshoot any anomalies.

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Boost Your Business Through Our Solutions

Enter the digital age with our solutions that make mobile communications accessible to the mass market.

Recharge & Mobile Money

Distribute phone recharges and mobile money from all operators.


Interact with mobile users: marketing, notification, authentication, data collection.etc.

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Build real-time applications accessible on any phone.



Accept online payments on your website/app.

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