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A predefined session is started once a user logs in to facilitate the transfer of information between your application and the user. It is a highly scalable service as it does not require an internet connection and is supported by both simple phones and smartphones.

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Dedicated USSD

The short access number is only used by your company.


Shared USSD

The short number is used by several companies and a sub-channel is dedicated to your company.


Use cases

Query Services

Provide access to your application's structured information with USSD menus. The interactive nature can layer leading questions to provide the right information.

Data gathering

USSD is a powerful tool for data collection as it is universally accessible on any mobile phone.

User registration

USSD is a powerful marketing tool that allows users to quickly sign up for your service.

Flexible pricing

Choose between prepaid and postpaid billing options based on your business needs.

Painless integration

We made it easy for a developer to build and deploy a USSD application in minutes

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Recharge & Mobile Money

Distribute phone recharges and mobile money from all operators.


Interact with mobile users: marketing, notification, authentication, data collection.etc.

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